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30 мая 2015

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Фильм Сторож / The Custodian 1993 Full Movie Naomi Watts (Наоми Уоттс)

Альбом Фильмы с Наоми Уоттс (Naomi Watts Full Movies) (10 видео)

Детектив решает начать борьбу с коррупцией, которая пронзила весь его отдел.

Movie Info:
Anthony LaPaglia, who"s probably played more cops than Pat O"Brien, Edgar Kennedy and Fred Kelsey combined, dons brass and blue once more in The Custodian. LaPaglia plays a frustrated Australian policeman who decides to take on departmental corruption in a most unorthodox fashion. When he"s not wrestling with bureaucracy and the good-ole-boy network, the policeman must contend with his unhappy marriage. All of the protagonist"s various travails come to a head in the offbeat finale. The Custodian cannot be recommended for children, so pop it in your VCR after the little darlings are snuggled in bed.

Also known as: Sob Custódia, Doppeltes Spiel, Törvényes gazemberek, Quinlans krig, Сторож
Country: Australia
Studio: JD Productions
Duration: 01:45:15

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